Hallelujah to the newborn King!!!

I woke up yesterday morning, Christmas morning, grateful!  I have to say that beyond celebrations at your house, I know my Christmas was cooler than yours because during the 2 month follow-ups last week, the surgeon and neurologist have said that I’m doing well!! AND …my testimony is that I have not had one seizure in 8 weeks!!!!!!!!  If you didn’t know it, I was having them every single day … but God!!!  I get to return to local driving in about one month, no freeways, but I can get around a little bit.  Praising The One Who Is So Faithful!!!!

Christmas day I had a tremendous blessing of hosting some of my family and friends . It was wonderful because as my mama gave thanks for the food, she thanked God for sending Christ and gave us true testimony about what it means to be a 91 year old follower of Christ and how important it is to know that just as His purpose was to die for sins that He never committed AND for our reconciliation to God … even if we don’t understand that we are born with a need.  She’s a great mama.

I woke up this morning – December 26th – still so excited to know that The Baby was given birth to!  I tried to imagine what the shepherds and wise men must have felt in their hearts!  I’m truly grateful this morning. Thankful that the Father gave His son in flesh for me! Thankful that the way that I can give a gift to The Father, is the way that He gave to me …. LIFE! He gave His son’s … and I’ll give Him mine!!!

It’s not a one day thing, y’all.  You can’t just celebrate the birth and move on to the next thing. You’ve got to remember that He was born and why He was born; and you’ve got to remember that He did it for your life, giving each one of us the amazing privilege to be reconciled to and used by The Father!

Everyone of us takes time to pull some of our life back into our own wants, needs, desires, etc. But each and every day we have the beautiful privilege to yield and submit to Him again. Giving ourselves to Him and yielding for Him to use us!

Thank you, Father, for Jesus – who is the Christ; Lord at His birth! BEST GIFT EVER! Use me, O Lord! Use me for the sake of the Kingdom. Use me to bring people into the truth of the Gospel. Use me to bring people to know my Savior, Jesus Christ. 

“Born to die. Died only to rise again. Rose that we might live eternally. God was in Christ and let Him be born to die.

God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself! God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself! God was in Christ!

Hallelujah, to the newborn King! Hallelujah, to the newborn King!

Jesus Christ was born to die! Died only to rise again! Rose that we might live eternally. God sent His son! God sent His only begotten Son. God sent His son and let Him be born to die! Born to Die. He died that we might live!”

Glenn Burleigh

born to die

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  1. You are so right my sister! I prayed the same prayer this morning. Love you much and praising God for what He is doing in your life!


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