Six Weeks! Thanking The Lord!

In 2 days it will be six weeks since the surgery. Six weeks healing and all I can say is Thank You Lord!  Hallelujah! Bless Your Name! Worthy Worthy Worthy! Grateful!

Ok my friends, in just one week I’ll have my “final” meeting with Dr. Tandon, the surgeon. I know that all will be well. In fact I do believe that Dr. Tandon will say that I’ve done very well.  

Here’s are some improvements: 

  • I’ve had a few phone conversations. Some have been a little funny because my words are few. (even that sentence! it’s not what I want to write but I can’t think of the word!)
  • I’ve been able to text.
  • I wrote a Happy Thanksgiving on Facebook. 
  • I was able to participate in my family’s Thanksgiving celebration!! My mom didn’t have to cook anything at all.  I cooked a pecan pie, a sweet potato pie and the gravy for the dressing. I have to admit that afterwards each day I was a little ill, very much in pain and very tired – but I’m just grateful for God’s work in my body!  He’s so good to me!!

The difficulties are that I have some damage on the places of the surgery. I am still having headaches that are migraines. I am having vertigo. But even with those things I just don’t see any reason to complain! I have a little more recovery and healing but I’m a strong believer in The Lord. I know that all will be well.

I call on the Lord daily and I believe that He will do what only He can do daily! I have no reason to fear or think that I am alone! Keep praying!!

God, You are my Father! I will give thanks to You, You are the Almighty God and I will exalt You. I will give thanks to You, Lord, because you are so amazingly good! I thank you for the reality of your loyal love that endures forever!   You are the Lord and there is nothing that compares to you, in fact other than you there is no god! From the rising of the sun until the going down of the same, I know that there is none besides You. You are the Lord, and there is no other.  I depend upon You! I trust You! I know you and love You! (Psalm 118:28-29; Isaiah 45:5-6)

2 thoughts on “Six Weeks! Thanking The Lord!

  1. It is wonderful to read your updates, Jan. We rejoice to see how the Lord is continually healing you! Your thankful heart and overflowing joy are a beautiful testimony of God’s faithfulness!

    Love you, Sister!

    ❤️ Rosa


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