He Is Good and so Very Miraculous

It’s Saturday!! Today it has been 2 weeks and 5 days since the surgery. Y’all I’m alive and so very grateful.

I’m feeling better, as relates to pain. I still get dizzy. I am still not quite able to use ALL of the words I once knew; I don’t remember many of them. (Pray!! I’m going to try and complete a book series that I started) I still have no feeling in one part of my scalp, but the nurses say keep washing it with the baby shampoo and it should improve. With a young lady, I took a walk for a block outside. The walk felt great but after one block I got light-headed so I’ll have to keep it short and lengthen it as I can.

My oldest son, Joseph, has been an amazing gift to me –  keeping me while Lloyd is in Africa doing our job! If you see my boy – tell him “thank you” in addition to him hearing it from me. Joe is patient, he’s loving, and he ensures that every day I have a reason to be happy! He also enjoys the mornings of my worship when I am singing some song that I remember. I am a grateful mama!

To those of you who have been so kind to me Thank You! To each one of you I want you to know that I appreciate your prayers and your kind thoughts about me. Please keep praying that at the end of 6 weeks I will remember all of you; that I will have all of the words I once knew; and, that my health will be good!

My God is the most wonderful thing to me! He is faithful and He speaks love to my heart every single day! If I can remind you of anything, I hope you see that He Is Faithful!

Oh! My wonderful Father I can only praise Your miraculous works to those older than me, to those in my same generation, and to those younger than me! I can only declare Your enormous acts to every person who will hear me speak about You! Lord I will reflect on the magnificent eminence of Your majesty and on Your delightful works. Lord, just as many shall speak of the strength of Your grand works, I will proclaim Your unlimited deeds. You, Mighty God, are miraculous, magnificent, strong, delightful and unlimited!  (Psalm 145: 4–6)