Walking in Faith NOT Fear!

Saturday, December 1st!! I know that is tomorrow, but I will have completed the 6 weeks that the hospital appoints me.  But today - November 30th, there's been a blessing!! Good news: Last weekend I had a fellowship the Saturday after Thanksgiving that was very encouraging to me. It was a time with our Ghanaian friends/family … Continue reading Walking in Faith NOT Fear!

Six Weeks! Thanking The Lord!

In 2 days it will be six weeks since the surgery. Six weeks healing and all I can say is Thank You Lord!  Hallelujah! Bless Your Name! Worthy Worthy Worthy! Grateful! Ok my friends, in just one week I'll have my "final" meeting with Dr. Tandon, the surgeon. I know that all will be well. … Continue reading Six Weeks! Thanking The Lord!

Praise! Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Every provision He has given, every flower that I see, every healing He has granted, every star in the universe, every swimming creature, every miracle, every mammal, every day that we are alive and able; everything --- and not just everything (plural) EACH and EVERY THING (and with just the stars in the … Continue reading Praise! Thanksgiving!

Gratefulness is Flowing from My Heart!!

I'm finishing week five and starting week six! Week six is the final actual surgery recovery! For the very first time, I'm typing this on my own! Now I don't know what will be mispelled and I'm sure my vocabulary will be ... a little different.  But I have just more to praise God for! … Continue reading Gratefulness is Flowing from My Heart!!

Being Kept! Being Healed!

OK - so this is 3 weeks and 5 days since the surgery. The end of the fourth week! That's my mom, 91 year old Mary Batties, in the picture with me. She had taken care of me all day and was getting ready to go home.  I have to start this telling you that I … Continue reading Being Kept! Being Healed!