Healing … knowing Him even deeper

I had a great appointment with my surgeon this week at the end of week one. Stitches were removed. Incisions are healing though the pain is not yet gone away.

I did well with my first study of words, my doctor wants me to take the next step … feel free to send me some ideas if you’d like to.  I have remembered the names of my close family which makes me quite happy and so very grateful! I am working on remembrances of my friends, my co-workers, my family, etc. Please, please, please know that I do not know many of you by name and am not able to communicate you in a large conversation (no, I’m not answering my cell phone)!! But I do love the written responses to this because it is helping me to remember so much!

My family has enjoyed great laughter at me because I do not enjoy meals that at one time were my absolute favorite! I have fallen into deep, deep love with a salad!!  I was fed a hamburger and did not like it AT ALL!  I had a Asian seafood meal that I loved – but then had an American seafood meal that I thought was horrible. LOL!  We shall see. 

I wake up every morning longing for my time in the Word of God!  My time with Him is just so amazingly wonderful!!!  

I appreciate the prayers and concern of so many of you. God is amazing as He walks with me and I continue to be so grateful and just blows away at his faithfulness in all of this.

Lord, I am so grateful that your amazing grace has been poured out on me abundantly and connected to my faith and love that are connected to your son, Jesus – who is the Christ! You have saved me from my sinfulness and you have called me to be holy in service to You! You have given me gifts and have always allowed me to work for You as everything I do is connected to Your purpose and Your grace!

(1 Timothy 1: 9, 14)

4 thoughts on “Healing … knowing Him even deeper

  1. We remember you loved chicken poppers in Texas 5 years ago! So thankful all is going well. Dave had his huge heart surgery yesterday and knows the Lord saved his life again too! Stay strong!! Love and hugs!


  2. I would love to invite you for some Asian seafood meal right now! Thai salads is also delicious.
    Thank you for your openness and frankness! I love you, Jan ♡ !!
    Angelika from Côte d’Ivoire


  3. I’m praising God with you my sister! God is making you all over…I hope you still like African food – the next time we see each other I will make you some. Love you much! ❤

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