Grateful … Keep Praying For Me

Thank all of you for love and concern for me.

The surgery has gone well.  It will take quite some time to recover well, but I am  expected to experience amazing healing!

It will be at least 6 weeks before I’m me again.  Keep on praying!

So many of you have provided kindness in visits, meals for me and the family, flowers and so much more! Thank you! WorldVenture and Crossover Bible Fellowship – your love and kindness is love that feels our hearts!  Bless you!


22 thoughts on “Grateful … Keep Praying For Me

  1. Jan, my prayers are with you for a graceful healing. May God walk with you every step of the way and you feel his presence now and every day though the healing.

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  2. Jan I am praying for healing and comfort as you begin your recovery. Asking for God’s amazing grace to cover you! Love you,
    Dianne Robinson


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