Healing … knowing Him even deeper

Five more weeks! Experiencing His healing and expecting a great revelation of what only He can do!

Encouraged … believing the healing is coming

When dealing with this kind of healing - a situation where my salvation in Christ and my strong dependence upon the Father and my strong listening to the Holy Spirit is real - there is just no way for me to be in fear. My rules from the doctor in these first two weeks is … Continue reading Encouraged … believing the healing is coming

Grateful … Keep Praying For Me

Expecting God's Amazing Healing and Blessing

Peace, Faith, Thanksgiving

No matter what we face we can claim peace and hope AND we should give thanks from our hearts for what we know He’s going to do even when the now is unpleasant.

Just Be Grateful!

If we If we would all wake up daily just grateful! Grateful that we are alive Grateful that we are living somewhere Grateful that we are on some type of electronic device Grateful for our family/friends Grateful for jobs Grateful for something to eat Grateful for salvation Grateful for mercy Grateful for grace You add … Continue reading Just Be Grateful!