I Can Make It … All Is Well

Phil 4 13I am blessed with a family and a group of friends that will have my back in even the most difficult circumstances.  They support me with their prayers, their presence, and their treasure.  I’ve never been afraid to go to them to express my needs of any kind. Grateful!

Recently, I was told that I seem to never be ‘bent out of shape’; never overly concerned about anything.  And the person talking to me said that it must be because I have such a wonderful family and a faithful band of friends.  I nodded – but then I said, “No.  I’m at ease because I know who has me and I stay in tune with Him.”  Don’t misunderstand me – those who surround me are incredibly wonderful!  But I know that it is the Holy Spirit that guides them to pray; show up; and give!  They couldn’t stand with me if He didn’t guide them to do it.  The reason that I don’t doubt them, is because I don’t doubt Him!

The Christ for whom I live my life is all sufficient and never failing.  The Christ for whom I live loves completely and extends grace in abundance.  The Christ for whom I live is a hedge of protection and a hiding place.  I am careful to start every day with Him and pause throughout the day to hear Him; to feel Him; to be with Him.

I’m in no way perfect – but He Is!  My dependence is upon One who cannot fail so I know that All Is Well!!  Even when the situation is not what I want it to be.  If I have everything materially that I think I need – All Is Well.  If I am in a financial bind – All Is Well.  I know that He can empower me to do His will no matter if I have everything materially I need or even if I am weak in a circumstance or situation.  He will use me for the sake of His glory no matter what, because in any weakness of mine – His strength becomes absolute.

Being one with The One causes my heart, at all times, to be satisfied and to know that All Is Well.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.  Philippians 4:13