Grace .. for His glory!

He extended grace to us – not for our own sake – but for his glory! His unmerited favor was meant to send us on a passionate quest for the lost among every nation, introducing them to the truth of the gospel and leading them to become disciples of Christ – not replicas of us!

His grace is amazing indeed – so spread the word! The nations live all around you – tell someone who doesn’t know so that they too might believe and walk in obedient faith and abundant life!

“through whom we have received grace and apostleship to bring about the obedience of faith among all the Gentiles for His name’s sake” Romans 1:5

By, For, and Through Him

A lovely ride a couple of days ago entering the Serengeti. Amazing to think that Our God – The One that we worship and live our lives for –  created so many varieties of creatures!

Each one of them is majestic in their own right. Beautiful and breathtaking! They live in the beauty of nature and depend upon the natural tendencies given to them by The One who made them.

  • It’s hot! They don’t complain.
  • It’s cold! They don’t complain.
  • They are prey! They don’t complain.
  • It’s birthing time! They don’t complain.

They just live – knowing inside themselves that everything will work out as it should. A Beautiful picture of faith!!

And then I started to daydream about us – mankind; human beings. Each one of us is majestic in our own right. Beautiful and breathtaking! We live in the beauty of God’s world and depend upon the calls/passions He has placed within us to bring glory to The One who made us.

  • It’s hot! We don’t complain.
  • It’s cold! We don’t complain.
  • We are prey of our enemy, Satan! We don’t complain.
  • We have families to provide for! We don’t complain.

We just live – knowing inside our hearts, deep within ourselves that everything will work out just as it should. A beautiful picture of faith!! And then I pinch myselfit is just a dream, we humans are not quite like the animals in The Serengeti. We do complain and doubt – often!    

I’m praying – praying that we will all grow within ourselves a sure knowledge about why and for Whom we were created. Praying that our faith in Him for everything will be complete, allowing us to walk in His will at all times – especially when we don’t like what it brings.  Grateful for this time to see God’s creation up close and for the lessons, especially this one, He spoke to my heart.

“because all things in the heavens and on the earth were created by him … all things were created through him and for him,” Colossians 1:16

“for we live by faith, not by sight—” 2 Corinthians 5:7

He’s Under Your Feet!

Romans 16 20I was just talking to my spiritual mama and she said to me, “If the devil is in your ear you need to tell him he’s up a little bit too high because the Lord has placed him under your feet!” That might make you chuckle – but it reminded me that sometimes as Christians we are just a little to timid with our enemy, Satan. Put that joker in his place!!

Have the presence of mind at all times to encourage yourself with the truth that God will act on your behalf. Yes – Satan might seem to prevail, but don’t let that make you lose heart – have faith and be patient because God’s promise is that Satan cannot prevail against you!!

Romans 16:20 – “And the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.”