Your Just Due

When you work to earn something; that “somethingis your reward.  Walking in the righteousness, blessing and favor of God requires our belief in and devotion to Him.  If by being righteous we hope to earn something (blessing/favor) from Him — then it is not the right motive.

If we are called to a particular task in the body, we must do it out of devotion to and love for Him in order that He might grant us favor and blessings.  Because if we do it for a certain blessing and then receive that thing — our wages have been paid.  How much more will we receive when we stop working for favor and start serving out of devotion to Him?!

Father, correct our motives.  Help our hearts to discern rightly what we are to do for You and for Your Kingdom.  Teach us to serve out of our gratitude for Calvary; and out of our gratefulness that You have dressed us in Your own righteousness; clothing of splendor and honor that we could NEVER purchase on our own!!

Now to the one who works, his wage is not credited as a favor, but as what is due.  Romans 4:4