Incarnational Love for One Another

Grateful to my friend, Pastor Terrence Autry, for sharing this with me

A great worldview. This pastor, Greg Boyd, says “We need to enter incarnationally into the grief of one another.” One way to interpret this is to say that we must weep with one another and deliberately try to enter in to what those of us who mother Black young men have to think about EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I really do have to carry the daily thought about whether or not my two Christ following; law abiding; degree carrying sons will be safe as they live among friends of other races who love them. But also have to live among a large part of society who thinks them worth what a dog is worth…

Yes, I trust God completely and know He loves, values, created and cares for them; but I’m also aware of the sin of the flesh and the hateful hearts of men …

This is a good word, in my opinion…

Well, what do you think?

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