He Will Restore …

psalm 71 20It is not an easy thing to go through trials. In fact – some of the things that we have to face on this earth can cause even the most faithful person to lose heart. As an heir with Christ, however, we are assured that though our troubles may be many and various – we ARE victorious.

The enemy would love for us to fall for the mind game he plays with us – that God has forgotten us; that God is not aware of our struggles; that God is manipulating us and enjoying watching us suffer. But we know that this is not the way of our God and King! It is His will that His children — those who have received the gift of salvation; those who have placed their faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ — live abundant lives. Not lives free of trouble — but lives in which the trouble brings about change, victory and His perfect will.

This thing that you are facing — the Lord might have put you in the middle of it! He won’t give you more than you can bear even though it might seem like you can’t take anymore. He has not forgotten you. He knows you and loves you. He will restore your life and deliver you from the situation –  if you will only trust, believe, and obey.

Psalm 71:20 “You who have shown me many troubles and distresses will revive me again, and will bring me up again from the depths of the earth.”