Glorifying Him With My Life

I glorified You on the earth, having accomplished the work which You have given Me to do.

For the Sake of the Call; I Give Myself Away; and Here Am I Send Me are three of my favorite songs of all time. They speak of laying down the SELF life for the SELF-LESS life.

I’ve known some who are called to this life of service and sacrifice but choose to  quit before finishing the task. Being in this life (the God life/the Called life/the life that is all about Him) is not always easy. The called life means that you make a commitment to denying yourself every day – EVERY DAY! (and sometimes at many instances throughout the day).

The called life means that you have to persevere when:

  • the people that you are serving treat you with disdain
  • when those that say they are in your corner cannot be found
  • when the joy seems to be waning
  • when you feel all alone

There have been times when facing one or several of these things that I have been tempted to just stop. I answered the call to ministry, but the circumstances of life can eat up your heart to serve much like the weeds that eat up seeds planted in shallow soil. I have found that as I travel the ministry road it helps me to remind myself that I’m not alone at all — He has blessed me with everything that is necessary for life and godliness; He has created me for good works, so that I might walk in them; He has promised that if I am faithful, I will receive the crown of life.

Trials – they do come – but He has already overcome them, so there is no cause for me to worry; it will work out for my good because I love Him and have been called by Him. When I encourage myself with His promises, I can continue in ministry THAT day. Yes! I have to do it every day. I want to honor Him with my whole life, and at the end, when I stand before His judgment seat – I want to hear Him say ‘well done’. I refuse to live a life rejecting the great plans that God has for me; I am embracing His best for me and, by faith, I am committed to complete the task that He has placed before me – even when He changes the script, I will commit to finish well. (and some of you might know from experience, his script changes are not easy!)

God has done His part by redeeming me through the blood of Christ; and equipping me with His Holy Spirit. I must not neglect my part to submit to the difficulties, the setbacks, the disappointments and the pain and look ahead to the day when I’ll meet Him face to face. I am determined to allow Him to develop within me a heart that can stand and I am committed to ask Him to move in HIs power and ignite the passion in me to live for His pleasure and for ultimate joy! I won’t give out – I won’t give in!

I glorified You on the earth, having accomplished the work which You have given Me to do.

John 17:4

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