Loss … Joy

This week I experienced the loss of two men who were very dear to my heart.

  • One is a distant relation who I considered a 2nd father; the other is my nephew, who was raised as my brother.
  • One was older and ready to meet his Savior; the other was not even 60 and was in a fight for his life.
  • Both were fathers of girls.
  • Both were strong believers in Jesus Christ.
  • Both left an impression on you if they met you.
  • Both lived lives of service to others.
  • Both had vocations of service.
  • Both were dedicated to the ministries of the local church.
  • Both were very dear to my heart.
  • Both succumbed to CANCER.

My tears just keep flowing. My eyes ache. My heart is heavy.

But… the laughter keeps popping up as I remember; gratefulness is oozing from my pores because I’m so glad God allowed them to be such an integral part of my life; and, my heart sings because I know that both of them will be spending eternity with the Savior that they loved!!

Yes indeed … The Lord has given AND their pain He has taken away.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!!

2 thoughts on “Loss … Joy

  1. Jan, I have never known loss like you are experiencing. There is simply no way I can understand your pain… I only know that we are closer to Christ Jesus in our sufferings than we can even fully comprehend, and I hope that as you draw near to Him, the memory of your loved ones and the promise of the Resurrection and your knowledge that your “father” and “brother” are worshipping in the presence of Jesus brings you joy. You have our hearts and we love you. Indeed, Blessed be the name of the Lord forever!


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