My dad …

 Really missing my dad today.

I was thinking about my wedding day. My dad chose my husband, Lloyd S. Chinn, he knew that Lloyd was the man for me and he knew that this guy was his son in law. When my wedding day came, however, he could not walk me down the aisle. He had his tux on and everything, and he told me he just couldn’t bear to do it – to give me to another man; even though he loved Lloyd like his own son. So my handsome nephew, Jacil Batties, gave me away. He walked me down so that I was standing shoulder to shoulder with my dad as he stood at the pew where he was seated.  When they asked who gave me away my dad looked directly at the preacher, Pastor Crawford W Kimble Sr., and said “her mother and I do”. He always treated Lloyd like his son – and never stopped treating me like his baby girl. I know he loved me until the day in 2010 that he left this earth.  For all the days that he was alive – I knew he cherished me!

I dream of him sometimes.  I hear his laugh often.  I see his smile in my nephew, Jonathan, and in my baby boy, Jeremy.  He didn’t want his best for me – He always wanted God’s best for me.  He loved me through my obstinate years and never brought the past up to punish or shame me.  He was a great life guide.  He was a great listener.  He had great big hands that I believed could handle most anything.  His love for me helped me to love and trust God.

Yes — I miss my dad today.