Being Formed Into the Image of Christ

When we lived in Adukrom (in the Eastern Region of Ghana) with the Obiri family in 2005, we struggled at first. It seemed they always needed something from us or were always taking things from us. We complained a lot, perhaps to some of you! But we hung in there and in time noticed that they took great pains to care for us and that they truly considered us a part of their family. They were teaching us what it looked like to share all things in common! They taught us to give and expect nothing; they taught us to forgive; they taught us to give ourselves away; they taught us how to be servant leaders in Ghana. As we learned to submit to them, they taught us how to look like Jesus! I wish that I could articulate how impactful it is to live a submitted life!! We will never be the same! 


 Now Daddy (Mr S. K. Obiri) is 94 years old! We take care to go and visit whenever we can. We are always so blessed by His godly wisdom and encouragement. He looked at us and asked if we are afraid of the travel in this job, we said no. He says “Of course not! Because even if it is through the valley of the shadow of death, you know He is with you! And even if it gets difficult, you know that you only have to look up because your help comes from the Lord! And even if you are rejected, you know that you have come in the name and power of Christ so the rejection is His and He will handle it! Don’t be afraid, just trust and stay humble. I am praying for you.” 
We then thanked them for enduring us living in their home and then mom (Mrs Beatrice Serwaa Obiri) spoke up; “You didn’t come here puffed up like you were the big American who came to teach us, you came low and allowed us to teach you and because of that, we love you. You taught us much about welcoming the foreigner and we too are very grateful. You are my children!”
People will necessarily fall short; they will disappoint; they will misuse you; they will slander you; they will often take more than you’re willing to give – but if you have taken up the cause of Christ and the cross of Christ; if you call yourself a gospel disciple then you must endure as a good soldier! (2 Timothy 2:3) When you made Him your Lord, you gave up your right to a life of ease! (John 16:33)

God will use every experience to shape and mold you into something beautiful and useful for the kingdom! He is forming you into the image of His Son, our Christ! And most of all remember that whatever you are enduring today, It Ain’t Calvary!