Happy New Year! 14 Lessons from 2014

14 Lessons from 2014

  1. No need to wait until you have more money or more time. Give of yourself in the now.
  2. Leave the past in the past. It’s done and over – whether awful or wonderful! Don’t cry over the bad; don’t pine for the good. There is a future in front of you – look forward to it and embrace what is to come.
  3. Family – respect and appreciate them. The proverbial rubber will meet the proverbial road and in that moment those who are in your family – by birth or marriage or adoption – will be there.
  4. Plan for big things. Expect more of yourself than you think is possible because God’s power working in you is greater than you can imagine.
  5. Be grateful for those that paved the way for you. It is absolutely impossible to stand on your own shoulders.
  6. Be healed. Hurt happens – don’t wallow in it. Give the hurts to God and allow Him to work in you. A healed you will bless others – a hurting you will hurt others.
  7. Be life. Speak in a way that a gives life to people. Act in ways that bring life to people’s situations.
  8. Be love. In situations where you might be tempted to lash out; to get vengeance; etc – choose to be love. Care – really care – for other people.
  9. Feed your soul. Read the Word of God. Talk to the Father. Listen to the Father. Fellowship with other believers.
  10. Don’t think more of yourself than you ought. At the end of the day it is His mercy; His grace; and His gifting – humility is necessary and healthy.
  11. Discover why God created you and walk in it. No other human can do what God has created you to do – so do it!
  12. Celebrate other people. In the words of Mary J. Blige – no hateration!
  13. Work for the big payoff – His favor; His grace; His mercy. Money and stuff is great to have, but let Him bless you with that in His own time. Work as until Him!
  14. Ask for more grace. Extend more grace. Grow in His grace.

Well, what do you think?

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