Bearing Fruit? or Staying Busy?

We like to be busy.  We take pride in the fact that we are doing so many 'meaningful' things.  But take notice -- being busy does not mean that you are getting the desired Kingdom outcome.  Unless you are leaning in to His presence, taking His direction, moving in His will -- you might be … Continue reading Bearing Fruit? or Staying Busy?

He Delights In Me! and You!

So underserving - yet, He still adores me!  I stand amazed at His endless and matchless love for me.  Praying always that my life is bringing Him glory, honor and great pleasure.  May my life, this day, be a sweet offering of worship to Him.  He is the delight of my soul!  May my life, … Continue reading He Delights In Me! and You!

Binding up Foolishness

I have been a mom for 24 years - I still remember well finding out I was pregnant with Joe. Jeremy followed 4 years later - the joy of motherhood was just as fresh as the first time. Over those years people have often commented on the character and behavior of my sons. People tell … Continue reading Binding up Foolishness

A Little more about satisfaction

As you start this New Year, I encourage you not to cry over the things that you did not accomplish; the stuff that you did not get; the relationship that ended; the project that you did not complete. Ask the Lord to help you to accept that all that happened in 2014 was what He had for you in 2014 -- and then walk into 2015 with a new attitude that says "I am beginning again!"