Doing Good – Experiencing God

Life has its difficulties and doing good can seem fruitless. These are two truths that most of us can attest to. But we have a good end in sight!

I often recall memories of my mom with her grandkids. They always wanted to be at my moms house because it meant all of them would be together, but Grammy always wanted them to go to the store with her and they just wanted to stay in the house and play video games or watch TV. Always at least one of them would go with Grammy and when they came home with ice cream, the others would lament over the fact that they didn’t get any. The doing good part was allowing their Grammy to have the pleasure of their company, the reward ice cream!

We are like that with God sometimes. We are being good people; going to church; giving to missions; sharing our faith; and then God says He wants us to do one more thing! We often say, “I’m already stretched beyond my limits, I can’t add another thing!” (As if we do anything in our own power!) We say to God, “I don’t want to love more, serve more, forgive again, take a risk, etc.” — so we just don’t make the move to do the next good thing. And then, when we see others walking in favor – experiencing God’s peace, experiencing joy, experiencing fulfillment – we realize that we may have missed out on something.

We know about the great eternal hope we have in Christ, but we forget that His due time could be today! (hello somebody!) As for me, I committed to give my whole life to Him, He can have all of me and I am committed to do good (His will for my life) all the way through to the end of myself. It is my joy to experience His favor everyday – EVERYDAY! His mercies meet me each day — brand new mercies for each particular day. I’m reaping now! I won’t lose heart. I will love more, forgive more, serve more and allow Him to pour into my life more than I could ever ask think or imagine.