Don’t Know Much … But Here’s What I Know

money1Lots of talk lately about these Preachers of LA – lots of people hate the show, lots of others think its great they these preachers have so much, lots of others think all preachers are the same, and many are not sure who are what these guys represent.  Most of the talk revolves around what they have – materially.  And, unfortunately, I don’t know much so I can’t give a really strong opinion; but I can tell you what I know.  Giving your life completely to the service of God and to the work of the Kingdom will not, necessarily, bring material riches – but your needs WILL be supplied.  Now – that’s truth!

When we made the commitment to missions the first thing God required of us was to give up our possessions and our positions.  That means we sold EVERY material possessions and resigned our secular jobs – nice cushy jobs. The next thing He required of us was to give up our control.  That meant se had to go on support –depending upon people of God who are faithful to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission to faithfully give to our work each month in order that we are able to accomplish what God has called us to do.  The next thing He required was to have no consideration for what we should eat or drink.  In other words we were not to consider the fact that we would no longer be a two income family – and barely a one income family –

Now – again I don’t know much – but here’s what I know.  We sold our house but we have never been without a place to live.  We sold the cars – but we have always had a car to drive. Savings .. what savings?! – but one boy is through college and has started grad school and the other is in college. We have access to decent medical/dental care – seems that someone who loves the Lord always gets our case in their hands.  Our bank accounts are anemic – but there are groceries in the fridge AND the freezer.

It kind of tickles me – because here’s what I know.  If God gave us mansions, cars, clothes, etc – I would have no choice but to share them with the body, and in effect give them back to the service of the King. I can’t speak for the Preachers of LA – but as for me and my house – we’ve been called into dedicated service and desperate dependence to the King, and our payment DAILY is that He will/and does meet our need!  It’s not a bad thing to have THINGS – but it is a bad thing when things become the WHY of our love and dedication to the Lord!

He Is Enough! He Satisfies Completely! What We Have In Him Is More Than ENOUGH!