No Compromising

No-Compromise1 Kings 20:42 “He said to him, “Thus says the Lord, ‘Because you have let go out of your hand the man whom I had devoted to destruction, therefore your life shall go for his life, and your people for his people”

God gave Israel victory and according to God’s law the enemy should have been destroyed – in allowing the king to live, Israel sinned against God.

Sometimes the things that God asks us to do are hard things.  They are hard because we view them through a human lens and want to judge the actions based upon human logic.  If the Lord tells us to slay a giant – we feel that this act would be inhumane – and we would, instead, want to imprison the giant.  This is a truth across our lives and is truly a test of our heart’s devotion to God.  When we face an issue, are we really willing to do whatever it is God demands of us?  We want Him to assure our victory, but are we really willing to do whatever he demands?  I am reminded of the scripture that tells us that those who love him and would follow him would ‘hate’ father, mother, sister, brother, etc.  There are times in our lives when God may ask us to cut off relationships, confront sin, admonish the unfaithful and even harder tasks.  He assures our victory if we would only obey his word without compromise.  But our hearts and minds must be truly girded up with the full armor of God if we are to be able to stand.  It is important that we remember at all times that our lives are hidden in – wrapped up in — lost in the person of Jesus Christ.  If we take thought of our own desires or even the unpleasant nature of a request posed to us by the Father we are living with our minds on things of this earth.  As we set our minds on God’s will and God’s way – it is imperative that we really believe that without obedience victory will not come.   We must live our lives in the name of and for the sake of our King.  No compromise!  It is good to extend mercy – but not if God speaks against it.  It is good to be gracious to our enemies – but not if God speaks against it.  We must be prayerful – listening – trusting.

Father,  As you lead me and guide me, may my heart be malleable, open and ready to receive your instruction.  Help me to lean only on your understanding and not be tempted to bring to mind what I believe and know in the flesh.  Father help me to obey completely at all times and in all situations.  Help me to fight the fear of this world and this age and to embrace Your approval only.  May my heart seek to obey, love and trust you with all that is within me.  When you tell me to rout the enemy, please give me the courage to do so.  When you tell me to extend mercy, please give me the wisdom to do so. Lead me and guide me.  I will follow.  Amen

Peace and Favor Rest Upon Us – REALLY!?!?!?!?!

gods-favorThe peace and favor of God cannot rest upon those who live in opposition to His divine law.

The people of God depend upon the deliverance of God every moment of every day.  When we see the victory of the Lord we proclaim His greatness and our devotion to Him.  But when our lives are peaceful and all is well, we often forget the Lord altogether and go our own way – until the new calamity.  We are His chosen ones – which means His desire is to bless us and to be in relationship with us, but He is a jealous God – meaning He is not to be taken for granted.  We must realize that our lives belong to Him!  He Is Our King!  We Are His Subjects!  We are under the rule of His kingdom.  We must remember that we must honor, glorify and obey Him every day of our lives and that it is unacceptable to only worship and obey Him in the midst of trouble.  When we treat the Lord like a genie in a bottle or like a magic bullet for our problems – we set up ourselves to live in the wrath of God!  He desires to have us live in His peace and He desires that we walk in His favor – but we must understand what it means to be subject to the King every day.   Our lives are not our own, are they?  Our lives are hidden in Christ – isn’t that true? We can’t get to Christ to experience our hidden lives unless we come through the Father (the King), isn’t that true?  If we want abundant life – our devotion to the King cannot waiver.

Father, when I find myself in the midst of calamity that is brought on by my own disobedience, quicken my spirit swiftly so that my heart will be turned back to You.  May my heart’s desire every day be to please You, to honor You and to yield my will to Yours.  Uphold me with Your Holy Spirit and please do not cast me away from Your presence.  Amen

Amos 3:2  “You only have I chosen among all the families of the earth;
Therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.”