O! To Be Kept …

kept-by-the-power-of-godThere is an old hymn in the African American church tradition … O! to be kept by Jesus; kept by the power of God; I would be nothing, nothing, nothing; Thou shall be all and all.  I can remember those old people in church crying and praising the Lord about the “keptness of God”.

In recent days –  have traveled from Ghana to Texas, from Texas to Tennessee (twice); from Texas to Colorado.  While in Colorado this time the doc found my iron level to be 6!  She said that I shouldn’t be able even function – and sent me to the hospital in Lone Tree, CO where they were ready to give me 4 units of blood. Each unit raises that number by 1 point.  They gave me two units in the night — and I woke up this morning to the number 9!  It’s not completely healthy – but its healthy enough for me to travel home to Texas to get the root problem solved.  Dr. Valdez walked in my room and said “Well this has to be divine intervention. These numbers are miraculous.  I am discharging you.”  He gave me some further instruction and I am being released.

When I think of what could have become of me driving across America back and forth – with my iron at a 6!  I can understand fully that old hymn – O! to be kept by Jesus!!!

Well, what do you think?

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