Turning the Page

ImageI love to read.  I love real books, e books, kindle books, you name it – I enjoy reading and the imagery it brings to my mind.  I enjoy entering into the story and can hardly wait to turn the page.

Last night – my baby boy, Jeremy, graduated from high school – the end of a chapter in our families life.  And I find myself reluctant to turn the page.  I mean – who really knows how that next chapter will start?  Will there be new villains? Will there be mysterious strangers? Will there be love? Will there be conflict? Will there be success? Failure? Fear? Wealth? Poverty?

Unlike a book – the future demands that the page be turned – I don’t get to put the words “The End” wherever I want them.  So this morning, I sit – savoring this last page of the chapter.  Reflecting on all of the wonderful characters I have been introduced to along the way.  Smiling about the first time I saw his face, the first time I held his 9 lb 1 oz body in the cradle of my arms; the first step he took; his first word; his first love (Nana); and I also think about his last day with his friends; our last trip to Senegal; his last weeks as a resident of Africa; his last night at Hala’s/Saiku’s/Baafi’s/ Martin’s etc.

As I prepare to turn the page – I am just a little excited because I know that our God holds the future and that He knows the plans he has for Jeremy and for all of us!

As the hymn reminds us:

Many things about tomorrow
I don’t seem to understand
But I know who holds tomorrow
And I know who holds my hand.