It Remains to be Seen

ImageThis is the title of an old Mississippi Mass Choir song from a while back – the lyrics encourage us to remember that what God will do for a person who submits to His will remains to be seen.  Lately, I have been laying out a lot of requests before the Lord – nothing flighty or selfish – but still, there have been many things placed before the Lord.  There have been times that I was tempted to just remain a faithful Christian, but somehow get out of this missionary calling – you know – so I can get some things done!  (hope you didn’t miss that big “I” in there!)

Instead of quick answers to my requests it seems that disappointment looms for a while longer than I desire.  I need Him to move by His Spirit on my behalf today!  Doesn’t He see that!  And in response to my whining – do you know what He asks me?  He asks me, “Jan, do you love me?” and of course I say yes.  And then do you know what He says to me?  He says, “Then love me well, do what I am asking you to do and trust that I know what you need.”

So, I turn to the Bible and ask him to calm my spirit and the words that leap off of the page say that indeed no one has seen or even heard of the good things He has in store for those that love Him.  Further, I turn and find that those who love Him will walk in His way.  And I know in my heart of hearts that His way for me for this season is a life on the mission field in Ghana.  He can and will meet my need and He doesn’t need me to relocate or abandon my calling to do it.  He really does have my best interests at heart and He really does delight in meeting the needs of His obedient (though sometimes impatient) children.

I trust Him to meet my need in ways that I cannot imagine or even dream!  He will do exceeding abundantly more than I could even reason to ask!  Yes He Will – for He is not a man that He should lie to me!  He is a faithful God!

So as I lay before the Lord many needs – no folly – real need – I am learning once again today to rest because as the lyrics to the song say:

The safest place in the whole, wide world is in the will of God, trials come great and small just stay in the will of God; come what may from day to day, keep the faith and be still.

It remains to be seen what God can do for the one who submits to His will.