Home Assignment Versus Furlough

This entry is intended to educate all of my loved ones about what our time in the USA will look like.  We are on Home Assignment – we are not on furlough.  A furlough is like a leave of absence and is usually granted to service personnel (i.e. Army, Navy, etc.); to prisoners; or are … Continue reading Home Assignment Versus Furlough

Turning the Page

I love to read.  I love real books, e books, kindle books, you name it – I enjoy reading and the imagery it brings to my mind.  I enjoy entering into the story and can hardly wait to turn the page. Last night – my baby boy, Jeremy, graduated from high school – the end … Continue reading Turning the Page

It Remains to be Seen

This is the title of an old Mississippi Mass Choir song from a while back – the lyrics encourage us to remember that what God will do for a person who submits to His will remains to be seen.  Lately, I have been laying out a lot of requests before the Lord – nothing flighty … Continue reading It Remains to be Seen