fruit gnatsAnnoying little creatures they are! Gnats! I detest them. My son and I were recently wondering where they come from. My son even suggested that maybe they appear – you know – just APPEAR. We did a little research and found that when you bring a piece of fruit into your home there is a very high risk that a fly has laid an egg on the skin/rind/shell of that fruit. So, if you bring the fruit home and do not wash it until you intend to eat it – the chances that you will see gnats flying around are high.

We recently brought home with us pineapples, avocados, mangoes and watermelon and I washed them all well before storing them – and still there were gnats in the morning. I decided to check the fruit and the gnats were not hovering around the fruit, they were just generally around. Then I picked up the watermelon and discovered a very small soft spot – that was the culprit. We got rid of it – and the gnats too disappeared. The particular gnats we have here in our house in Nkwanta, Ghana are attracted to “live” trash – fresh fruit, yeast, etc. They are attracted to things that show that they have life.

My mind went then went to the myriad of issues that we, as a ministry, are facing these days. It seems that not a days go by that we are not dealing with some issue that threatens the effectiveness of our ministry. Annoying – these little darts that the enemy keeps throwing at us. Pray, fast, silence, lectio divina – yet they persist. It occurred to me that like gnats, these darts are attracted to life. The enemy would not be annoying us so much if he didn’t see that this ministry was alive and doing well. The enemy too is attracted to life! He wants to steal, kill and destroy – and if there is already spiritual death, then there is nothing for him to take, execuite, or annihilate. So I guess we are in good company!

GNATS!! I do despise them – but as for the gnats of the enemy, I say bring ‘em on. I am alive in Christ, I am fully devoted to His mission in this world – and if that brings on attacks from the enemy, then I have the faith to conquer them, to withstand the test, and yes – to expect the incredible and the impossible! I am clothed with the breastplate of righteousness — and that will extinguish the darts!

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